All therapists want their clients to heal, it’s why they go at into practice in the first place. There is no better feeling when an ex client tells you that you’ve helped them to transform their lives. It’s wonderful for your ego and obviously good for your reputation as your clients are your best buisiness cards. For every client you fix they will get you at least one or two more through referrals. But what if you only have partial success or you can’t fix them?


I love fixing people because my successes tell me I’m on the right track but what about when things don’t go as expected? I’ve learned to appreciate those difficult times because they keep me in check and actually force me to become better by reassessing if what I’m doing can be improved.


So what can you do to make your therapy successful? I have compiled some reasons why sometimes therapy doesn’t work and the mind set that’s needed to heal.


1. You must feel comfortable with your therapist. For success you must trust and feel comfortable with your therapist so if you don’t like them or trust them find another one you do. Ring them first for a chat to see if you like the sound of their voice and ask questions to see if what they say makes sense.


2. You must take responsibility for your healing by looking at how the things you are doing in your current life are keeping you stuck and change them. Only you can make yourself better, no one can do it for you.


3. Don’t be afraid to your feelings! If you and your therapist are avoiding uncomfortable feelings therapy will have no long lasting success. A good therapist will be prepared to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty so that you can get resolution.


4. Beware being sucked in by the single session fix all Practitioners who promis the world and deliver only temporary magic tricks.


5. Beware the practitioner who keeps you stuck for months or years of expensive therapy. Therapy should have an end and empower you so that you can get on will your life.


Remember your journey to healing can be bumpy at times with twists and turns, ups and downs but it’s worth it for the reward at the end!


If you are interested in healing please have a look through my website and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me by using the boxes below.