The failing of the NHS is often blamed on under funding, too much spending on middle management and an increase in patients due to longer life expectancy. Well the last one may become less of a problem because this generation is predicted to be the first in human history that’s life expectancy will be less than the previous one. These are contributing factors but there are others that are being ignored.


What if I were to tell you that stressful lifestyles, inner insecurities, unhealthy eating and thinking are responsible for overburdening the NHS?


If you follow my blogs you will know that I seek the cause of my clients problems rather than focusing on syptomology to create long term resolution. So I suggest that we start looking at our own physical and mental health which will keep us away from illness because ‘the bodies natural setting is towards health’


Our bodies know how to heal naturally! If we supply it with good food, exercise and remove stress it can function perfectly. I’m no health expert and I think pretty much everyone knows what they should eat and that exercise is important. If we lead a seditory life style and live on junk food what do we think will happen to our health?


What I do know as a therapist is that stress plays a big part in creating illness. Not short term stress, long term stress that places the body in high alert mode where harmful hormones are released and the immune system is weakened.


This stress comes from our perceptions of the world and our beliefs. If we feel that we are backed into a corner or whatever we do isn’t good enough or the world is a scary place we are placing stress upon ourselves that effects our health.


When my clients leave me they usually say one of two things. “I can’t believe that incident has caused me all that suffering” or “why don’t more people know about this stuff”


I’ve written many blogs on mind/body illness, anxiety, childhood trauma and chronic pain which is available on my website so I won’t repeat what I’ve said before. We tend to ignor addressing our minds because it’s uncomfortable looking back and no one wants to feel bad so we look for the answers in tablet form. Unfortunately healing can only be found by addressing the trauma’s and negative beliefs formed in the past.


So you can help unburdened the NHS by taking responsibility for your physical health, addressing the causes of stress in your current life and getting help to clear past traumas and the negative beliefs that are holding you back. The last parts are where I come in.


I would like you to ponder this question.  ‘If your mind caused your illness or your chronic pain by negative thinking why would it be inconceivable that it could help you back to health?’


If you would like more information about Hypnotherapy or chronic illness please have a look through my website or if have any questions please fill in the boxes below.




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