Yes it’s true “the world is the same for all of us”


So why is it that for some a scary place filled with disappointment and anger and for others a wonderful place filled with opportunity?


Everything that we experience is filtered and assessed by our mind using our past experiences. So our perceptions of the world are only ‘our individual perceptions of the world’ and do not necessarily represent the truth.


Lets compare a young person who grows up in an abusive atmosphere where fear and insecurity are the norm with one who grows up within a loving and safe environment. Both of their experiences will influence how they perceive the world as they grow older and they will vastly differ. One maybe fearful or angry and the the other confident and happy.


Our beliefs about ourselves and about life are formed in childhood by our early experiences. Every decision that you make today involves accessing files in the mind that contain childhood experiences and the beliefs gained from those experiences.


Unfortunately our past experiences and beliefs are held within the unconscious part of the mind and are very difficult to address with rational. This is why talking therapies can be so long winded and have very little effect. Fortunately a trained hypnotherapist can help a person in hypnosis find these corrupted files in the unconscious so that they can be addressed. Once these files have been found and processed a person can start to move on with their lives and start leading the life they deserve to live.


So if you suffer from self esteem issues, anger, confusion, procrastination, fear and unable to get on with life these beliefs were almost certainly learned as a child.


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