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6 essential things you need to recover from serious illness

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Getting past a serious or chronic illness can seem like a daunting or even impossible task. When you are home alone with your thoughts, aches and pains the world can seem like a lonely place. Here are six tips that will help you with your symptoms and hasten healing.


1. Your environment should be as free as possible from stress causing factors. Anything that induces anxiety including newspapers, violent films, the news on TV and negative people is not conducive to healing. Surround yourself with positive people, watch comedies, play with your children or pets, whatever makes you smile. Tell people close to that you only want to talk about upbeat things whilst you are recovering. This may involve rather uncomfortable talks with close ones but they will understand if they want you to get well.


2. Take some control back by accepting responsibility for your recovery. Becoming involved in your healing is empowering, no one cares as much about you as you do.


3. Understand that your mind heavily influences the speed of your healing. Your thoughts are felt in your body. Negative thoughts activate stress associated hormones that weaken your immune system and slow down healing. Positive thoughts generate growth hormones that hasten healing and improve wellbeing.


4. Take more time to relax because the body only recovers when it’s relaxed. Learn to meditate, take up yoga or get a hypnotherapist to teach you self hypnosis. Listen to your body and don’t try to work through an illness, it will only worsen your syptoms.


5. Reflect on your past and see if it may be involved in getting you into this situation. Then plan for a different future that involves happiness and calm. In quiet moments close your eyes and imagine how you would look and how you would feel in detail in your new life free of illness and stress.


6. Ignore anyone, including doctors who tell you that you will have to just accept your fate. Your body has been healing you since you were born from colds, flu, viruses, broken bones, cuts, bruises even killing cancer cells. It knows what to do so trust it by supplying it with good nutrition, positive thoughts and a healing environment.

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The mind/body connection in healing.

The cells in our body receive information through our skin, the food that we ingest, the air that we breathe and from our perceptions of the environment.

Our reactions to the environment depend on the beliefs gained from our past experiences. We have all had different experiences in life which are why we think differently and have individual personalities. Depending on their perceptions some people find certain situations as scary, while others see them as exciting.

How does our environment effect us?

Our environment is constantly changing around us and we live life from one moment to the next. We can move from happy to sad or from daydreaming to alert almost instantly, our responses adjusting automatically to stimulus from the outside world. Thought changes to chemical and electrical signals that are passed quickly through the nervous system via neurotransmitters that instruct our organs and cells to respond. Happy thoughts release pleasurable endorphins like dopamine and serotonin whereas fear releases defence hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

If we spend to long feeling fearful and anxious the hormones that are designed to protect us in the short term end up damaging our bodies with diseases like IBS, hypertension, heart disease and chronic illness. If we feel happy we feel great in our minds and body and we tend to be less prone to illness. This indicates that the mind and the body are connected. What we think is directly reflected in our health.

Western medicine has up until recently treated the mind and the body separately ignoring the effect of how we perceive our environment and our health. If you can make yourself ill by thought why can’t you make yourself well by reversing the process? This is a hard concept for many to grasp because we are taught that medicating is the only answer to physical healing. The evidence of mind based healing is there but it’s ignored.

What’s the science?

Your Autonomous nervous system, Endocrine system, immune system and neuropeptide systems communicate with the cells in the body and between themselves. They all respond to suggestions of the mind through the Limbic-hypothalamic system. Hypnotherapy communicates with the hypothalamus which is responsible for memory and acts as the central information exchange between mind and body.

Where does illness come from?

Quite often serious illness follows a trauma, a loss, a long period of stress or a life lived avoiding processing childhood abuse. The long livers in this world are usually happy, stress free individuals who love life and look for the good in the world, not highly stressed individuals.

This sounds well and good but how do we go about improving our health? Eat healthily, exercise regularly, look for the good in the world, relax more, process your past traumas and remove the negative things from your life.

Some of the above you can do yourself but if you need any help with anxiety, chronic illness and trauma resolution or if you want to find out how hypnotherapy can change your life give me a call on 07899886882 on contact me in the boxes below.




Self talk is self hypnosis.

hypnotherapist Alex Evans

What you tell yourself determines your happiness!

Would you stay friends with someone who said you can’t do anything right, that you were useless, ugly, stupid and will never amount to anything? Of course you wouldn’t!
But these are the things that people tell themselves every day. They tell themselves so often that eventually their belief is that these things must be true. People say things to themselves that they would never dream of saying to others. It’s called self hypnosis!
I want you to think about what you tell yourself. Are you convincing yourself that you are worthless or can’t do something with your own negative self talk?
The thing that separates happy people from sad people is how they view themselves and the world where they live. These beliefs about the world come from past experience. In fact every decision we make in the now is based on past experiences. If you have had a fraught past then your beliefs could be tainted by these experiences. This will effect how you view yourself, your self talk and your current decision making.
If you recognise these traits and can’t seem to change them it is because they have become unconscious and outside of your conscious control.
Now the good news is unconscious activities can be influenced by hypnosis! Past beliefs can be altered by understanding and negative habits including bad self talk can be addressed. Unfortunately Hypnosis is very much misunderstood mainly due to stage hypnosis but it holds the key to the recovery from many mental health issues involving the unconscious mind.

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Do you suffer from chronic illness?

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Do you feel let down by modern medicine?


Unfortunately medicine has its limits and many of you may have been told that there is nothing more that can be done. Diseases like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis fall into the class of ‘chronic illness’s’ where modern medicine has reached an impasse.


Chronic illness doesn’t usually come from nowhere, its a culmination of lifelong experiences. Childhood trauma has a bearing on illness as does long term emotional repression, insecurity, anger, fear, guilt and shame. These very ‘important’ issues are usually ignored by modern medicine but many of you suffering from a chronic illness may recognise some of these.


Your mind has been programmed by your past experiences. Your past experiences are where you developed your beliefs. If you believed that you were unlovable, had to please everyone else or were useless, stupid or undeserving of happiness when you were young you will bring those beliefs into adulthood. These negative beliefs will fester and can cause illness later on in life.


If you recognise that you have been holding onto any of these negative emotions then you may just have the cause of your illness! If you have a cause you can work towards a resolution.


These negative programs cannot be removed by ‘just knowing’ because the beliefs gained from them are buried deep within the inner mind. They can be removed though using analytical Hypnotherapy and replaced with programs that promote health and recovery.


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Recovering from cancer.

Are you covering all the bases in recovering from cancer?

Modern medicine is becoming better at dealing with cancers using targeted treatments, chemotherapy and radiation. The problem is these treatments only deal with the physiological aspects of disease.
There is another important aspect in preventing, fighting and recovering from serious illness, the mind! The cells in your body don’t just receive signals from food that you ingest, the chemicals on your skin and the air that you breath. Your cells receive signals from your mind in response to the environment.
Your chemical response to your environment depends on whether you view it a positive or negative way. If you view your environment in a negative way, anxiety puts the body into defence mode and releases harmful stress hormones. These stress hormones effect your immune system and have harmful long term effects on your body. If you are recovering from long term illness anxiety is the last thing you need.
Most of us are aware that when we are stressed we feel terrible and pick up more coughs and colds. Stress and anxiety also causes us lethargy, insomnia, bad skin and unwanted weight changes.
Removing a negative mindset allows positive signals to be sent to the cells putting the body into growth mode. When the body is in growth mode it functions properly and the immune system works as it should.
Hypnotherapy can help put your body into growth mode by dealing with past trauma’s and negative habitual thinking. It can also be used to teach relaxation and deal with insomnia.

If you are interested in helping yourself mentally fight or recover from a serious illness and would like to learn how to harness the power of your subconscious mind check out my website. If you have any questions about hypnosis send me a message in the box below;



Are you really committed to getting better?


In earlier posts I talked about saving yourself. In this blog I talk about commitment and following through with your therapy.

Many people’s mind set with therapy is “I’ll do it until it gets uncomfortable and then I’ll quit”. The correct mind set is “I’ll do it no matter how uncomfortable it gets until I’m better”. I do agree that if therapy is going nowhere after weeks an alternative therapist or therapy should be sought out.
Some therapists buy into this and keep their clients from away from feeling their emotions through fear of upsetting them. They think that their clients are too fragile to face their fears in the therapy room (even though that’s why they came in for help) or feel uncomfortable when faced with an emotional person. Some therapists even sell ‘magic tricks’ that promise no uncomfortable feelings need be felt at all.
People come for therapy to be empowered so that they can get on with their lives free from anxiety and fear. Whatever happened to you in the past didn’t kill you then and it certainly won’t kill you to think about it once more. I say ‘once more’ because with Hypnotherapy it is once more. Once a trauma has been processed and the emotion attached to the memory defused the fear leaves! That’s not to say that one session is all it takes but I probably only see my clients between 3 and 6 times.

There are a few steps to accomplish before long term healing can take place.
If you have a memory that upsets you when you think about it there is definitely a negative emotion attached to it. With proper guidance, that allows understanding these emotions can be quashed and you can be free of them. All you need is the proper mindset to accomplish your healing for good.

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“No one is coming to save you”

A psychologists entered a room of depressed people. He asked them why they thought he was there. “You are here to save us” said one. The psychologist replied “ no, I am here to tell you that no one is coming to save you”

Some people may be offended by his statement but it’s true. With depression healing can only come from within you. It’s not saying depression is your fault, it’s saying that only you can get yourself out of it.
Depression and anxiety are created by the sufferers themselves. Things happen to create depressive states but it is the sufferer who practices, compounds it and eventually ends up making themselves feel powerless. If negative thinking continues it becomes unconscious and automatic.
It is the feeling of helplessness that really keeps people stuck in depression. The problem with depressive states are they keep the sufferers mind in defensive mode where hormones that heighten anxiety and increases physical pain are released. This only makes things worse.
Depression is usually treated by addressing the symptoms with anti-depressants and counselling. The worrying thing about long term chemical intervention are the side effects and the fact that Placebo is actually more effective. The other way depression is treated is with counselling or psychotherapy which if prolonged can lead to reliance or transference. Rather than helping the person long term, therapy keeps them reliant on the therapists weekly advise and therefore stuck in depression.
So what is the answer? I believe finding the ‘true’ cause and processing that is the best place to start. If a trauma is left unprocessed the fear, guilt, shame or anger attached to the memory will stay with that person and will be ignited in certain situations, maintaining the negative feelings. The only way to find the true cause is to communicate directly with the subconscious mind and the only way to do that is through hypnosis.
So what about depression that is caused by pain? Again stress hormone increase and concentrating on pain intensifies the discomfort. Chemical pain relief can help but the longer it’s taken the less effective it becomes. Sufferers can be taught self hypnosis to relax which will elevate pain because you can’t be relaxed and in pain at the same time. Concentration is taken away from the discomfort and relaxation allows pain relieving endorphins to be released.
Once a depressed person accepts that they are creating these feelings they can start to work towards fixing them. Therapy should be as short as possible to empower the sufferer not to keep them stuck.

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‘Practice makes perfect’

‘The more we practice the better we get’ is a familiar saying and a true one at that!

Any process that we repeat become easier and eventually automatic. Take driving for example. It’s incredibly challenging to begin with but the more we practice the easier it gets and eventually becomes something we do with very little thought. This is why we can do so many things at once. While you are reading this there are thousands of automatic programs running including breathing, heart beating, hormone release, memory retrieval etc that you are not aware of.
The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ also relates to people suffering from anxiety, PTSD, depression, OCD, fears and phobia’s. They repeat negative thought programs, practice them and they become automatic processes.
Because they are automatic programs, conscious interventions are usually not very effective. This is because there is little traffic running from the conscious to the unconscious mind which explains why counselling, psychotherapy and CBT are so slow or ineffective in many cases.
The therapy that can communicate with the unconscious mind is Hypnotherapy. The unconscious mind can be communicated with through the subconscious mind and negative patterns of programming can be changed. If you have been suffering from mental health issues Hypnotherapy should really be something that you should look into…

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Think yourself well!

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You can learn how to harness the power of your mind to heal your body.

This is not way out hippy stuff, it’s scientifically proven! Our mind responds to the environment based on our beliefs and then instructs the body how to react.

People with long term illness live with the fear of possible bad outcomes, quite often with pain exaggerated by catastrophic thoughts. When the mind is living in fear the body is put into survival mode where the focus is on escape rather than healing. During this period of anxiety, stress hormones are released and the immune system takes a back seat as the body prepares for flight or fight.

When the mind is calm and settled positive thoughts put the body into growth mode where the emphasis is on health and recovery. Powerful endorphins are released and the mind directs our resources to our organs growth and our immune system.
If you are relying solely on the medical profession to heal you have unfortunately overlooked the most powerful tool in the fight for survival, yourself!

Unfortunately just thinking yourself better is very difficult to do because the minds natural inclination is towards focusing on the negative.

So how do you do it?

Through hypnosis! Hypnosis is the tool that gives us access to the deep parts of the mind where our beliefs reside and where thoughts are generated.
I can show you how to remove negative beliefs and teach you how to self-hypnotises that you can attain states of relaxation where the body can heal up to 10 times faster anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Combine these techniques with you medical treatment and all your bases are covered physically and mentally.

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