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Introduction and instructions – https://youtu.be/UvwJBa931tIhttps://youtu.be/UvwJBa931tI

Recording 1 – https://youtu.be/G6eq329pqtU

Recording 2 – https://youtu.be/Ouw-5WcUfPY

Recording 3 – https://youtu.be/V6hQYlr41hw

Recording 4 – https://youtu.be/_ElXHhnzjMI

Recording 5 – https://youtu.be/neEFpszj9O0

Recording 6 – https://youtu.be/VoaTj2S321M

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Fibromyalgia, you need a different approach!

Why am I not recovering from fibromyalgia?

Because you are not looking  in the right direction!

Sufferers with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia have reduced blood flow at the sites of their pain. The lack of blood flow means that there is a lack oxygen and the depravation of oxygen causes pain. This condition is called tension myoneural syndrome (TMS). This lack of oxygen is very common in back and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis.

Current treatments for fibromyalgia focus on addressing the symptom and are not very satisfactory. Stimulation using physiotherapy, heat treatments and massage often create relief because they increase the blood flow to the affected areas. The problem is the results are temporary as the blood flow soon returns back to where it was before. Chemical interventions can help with pain relief but the doses have to be increased over time and the side effects for long term use are undesirable.

The oxygen starvation (TMS) is created by the unconscious mind to repress an unknown inner anger that is deemed to harmful to be felt emotionally. This may sound far fetched but the majority of fibromyalgia and chronic pain sufferers have been traumatised in the past or hold beliefs associated with people pleasing or perfectionism. This repressed anger protects them from feeling their emotions because if they ever surfaced they may become overwhelmed. So the mind diverts away from these feelings by creating pain. An indication that the mind is responsible for creating the pain is that ‘there is no physical reason for the suffer to be in pain‘ There is simply no damage at the site of the pain! Also have you noticed the pain rises when you are in stressful situations?

If you have suffered from childhood trauma, abuse physically or mentally, are a people pleaser, a perfectionist or workerholic and suffer from fibromyalgia the solution to your recovery is in your unconscious mind not a bottle of pills. These unconscious negative feelings of anger can be addressed using hypnosis so that you can start moving forward.

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Why isn’t my back pain getting better?

Chronic back pain

I guess if you are reading this you have back pain? Most suffers of back pain or shoulder pain have been to the doctors, visited chiropractors, physiotherapists etc but still have it. For many the pain has probably even worsened over the years. Some of you have been told by medical experts that you will never be the same again and will have to adjust your life to cope with it. Did you accept that and resign yourself to living with chronic pain?

Back surgery

Some of you will have resorted to drastic and obtrusive surgery only to find your pain worse, temporarily fixed or it popping up somewhere else in the body. So why?

The mystery of back pain

What if the reason the physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments didn’t work was because the diagnosis and treatments were incomplete? Would it interest you to know that if you X-rayed a group of 40 to 50 year olds 50% of them would show signs of degeneration in their backs but most of them don’t have chronic back ache. If you x-rayed a group of people at 60 years old 100% of them would show degeration in their backs but again most of them are not crippled with chronic pain.

Im no doctor or back expert and would never claim to be. I would never tell anyone to go against their doctors advise but how can a simple act of gardening, slipping over, bending down to pick something up, swinging a golf club cause life long chronic pain? You have been doing these things for your whole life without pain, so why now?

If I said your pain could be created psychosomatically you might think I was mad but think about this. We think in our heads and feel in our bodies. When we lose someone our heart breaks, when we are anxious our stomachs churn, when are angry our bile rises, when we feel oppressed our chest tightens.

Another way of tackling back pain

If you have suffered in the past, especially when you were younger you could be unconsciously suppressing feelings that are causing anxiety or physical pain. To the mind pain and anxiety are both ways of expressing suppressed fear, rage, guilt and shame. If it’s pain it’s usually felt in the bodies weaker or damaged areas.

What next?

If any lightbulbs have gone off look through the website and have a look on YouTube  for TMS, NPD and mind/body disorders. If you have any questions please fill in the boxes below.




Can you be hypnotised?

hypnotherapist Alex Evans

It’s quite common for people to say to me “well I’m not sure if I can be hypnotised” Before we get into this a little deeper it’s important that we understand what hypnosis is and what it isn’t.


‘Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical faculty of the mind to establish selective thinking where suggestions are accepted without resistance’

So what does that mean?

Whenever you accept something is true from someone that you trust, ‘without question’ your judgement has been bypassed and that piece of information has gone straight into your inner mind as fact.

An example that most of you can relate to happens when you watch a film. The film bypasses your critical faculty (questioning part of your mind) and you respond emotionally to exciting scenes , happy scenes, scary scenes and sad scenes even though the critical part of you knows they are not real. The characters are played by actors, the stunts done by stunt men and women, nobody died, no one was hard done by but while you watched it you inner mind imagined the scenes were real.

TV adverts are made to appeal to our emotions, bypassing our critical mind so that we believe their products are the best and go out and purchase them. If we fall for it we have been hypnotised by their suggestions.

The best Hypnotic subjects are young children. They live in trances accepting almost anything their parents, teachers and peers say to be true because they are in authority over them. Children don’t have enough life experiences to make big decisions so they look towards adults for help. In fact the biggest Hypnotists in your life were your parents!

Now that we’ve established what hypnosis is and that it happens regularly it would seem that everybody can be hypnotised?

So who can’t be hypnotised?

1. People who don’t want to be. ‘All hypnosis is self hypnosis’. The hypnotist does nothing to you, he shows you how to do it, so if you have fears or misconceptions about hypnosis it won’t happen.

2. People who you can’t communicate with. If you don’t understand the hypnotist they can’t explain the process of hypnosis to you.

3. People who won’t follow instructions. You can’t teach someone how to do something if they ignor your instructions.

Now some people are really good at hypnosis straight off the bat but most have to become accustomed to the process. They get better at it the more they do it, but it doesn’t take long!

So what’s the use of hypnosis?

If you can bypass a persons critical part of their mind you can put in better serving beliefs through suggestion without resistance. You also have accesss to a persons memories and their habits through hypnosis. This is of tremendous value when helping a person overcome anxieties, fears, phobias, negative self beliefs etc. It’s an advantage that Hypnotherapy has over counselling, CBT and psychotherapy and somewhat explains why your mind rejects all the good information they give you.


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10 beliefs that keep you stuck!

What beliefs did you come out of your childhood with and how do they serve you today?


I should imagine most of you haven’t really thought about it too much because you have become used to treating your beliefsas if they were your own. What would you say if I told you that most of your beliefs were imposed upon you from other people?

Where do beliefs come from?


Children learn about life from their parents, close family, friends, teachers at school and from their experiences. They form their beliefs from these experiences and from what the people that they trust tell them.


So how do you know if your beliefs are negatively affecting your life?


If you exhibit the following traits it may indicate that some of your beliefs are not serving you well.

1. Perfectionist. Are you never happy with anything you do?

2. The ‘yes’ person. Do you find yourself saying yes every time people ask you to do something when you really want to say no?

3. The selfless one. Do you put everyone elses needs before your own?

4. Stubborn. Are you inflexible?

5. Obsessive. Are you driven by work leaving no time for anything else.

6. I don’t like myself. Do you have a low opinion of yourself?

7. Inferiority complex. Do you never feel good enough?

8. Inner rage. Do you explode at the slightest thing?

9. Have difficulty sleeping. Do you suffer from insomnia?

10. Feel torn inside. Do you feel an internal battle is taking place?


What can you do?


If any of the above are affecting you it may be a sign that some of your childhood beliefs are preventing you from leading a happy adult life. Because we have very little experience of life when we are children we rely on others more experienced than ourselves to help us with what we believe. That or we come to our own conclusions when we are faced with making sense of certain events on our own.

Hypnosis is a tool that gives a therapist access to those past experiences that cause the problems. Once located these experiences can be understood and processed changing the false beliefs into realistic ones.


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5 things that can make you ill

I’ve mentioned many times before that our perception of the world is crucial to how we feel. These feelings impact on our mental and physical health. Below are the main 5 things that can cause us problems. If you recognise any of them you certainly won’t be alone.

Most people when they are addressing their health concentrate on diet and exercise but forget about the importance of their mental health. Are your beliefs effecting your health?

1. Trying to be perfect

The world is an imperfect place and striving for perfection only leads to disappointment. Of course with hindsight we could always have done things better but to beat ourselves up over our imperfections only leads to frustration. It’s funny how we accept others doing their best but we must do things perfectly? Living with a drive to be perfect causes leads to a frustration than can be expressed mentally or physically.

2. Viewing the word negatively

If we view the world as a scary, unforgiving place filled with people who wish us harm us the fear will eat us up inside. It’s hardly surprising that many people feel this way as we are bombarded with bad news on the TV, Newspapers and internet about world disorder, crime and terrorism. Concentrating on the bad is reflected in how we feel and can damage our health.

3. People pleasing

We all know a people pleaser or maybe recognise it in ourselves. The problem is that drive to please and be recognised puts a huge amount of pressure on a person. Often the are saying yes when inside they are screaming no. This sets up tremendous discourse within a person.

4. Hiding from the past 

We make decisions today using the experiences of the past. Leaving emotions unprocessed, boxing them up and ‘forgetting’ about them doesn’t mean that they are gone. They are still being used to make decisions now without us being aware. If you get overly upset by just talking about past events it can be an indicator of an unresolved issue. Of course losing someone takes time to recover from but if the raw emotion is a strong as if it happened yesterday years later, then it’s a sign that you haven’t been able to fully process that trauma.

5. Holding onto Anger

Holding onto anger can lead to heart disease and chronic illness as well as getting us into fights or making us say stupid things. If you have a quick temper or feel about to explode it can be a sign of repressed anger. Anger literally eats us up inside and taints the good in our lives.

I could have added more things that cause us internal discourse like guilt, shame, anxiety, stress etc but the above are the main things that can trigger mental and physical problems.


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Will your childhood experiences affect your health?

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) questionnaire


The ACE questionnaire was formulated in 1994 by Dr Robert Anda, a senior researcher in preventative medicine to determine the effects of childhood trauma on the health of adults. It was completed by 17,337 people and it concluded that the higher the score, the more chance there was of developing a health problem. The study has been repeated more recently with similar results. The questionnaire covers the first 18 years of life.

If you have been suffering from mental or physical health problems why not take the test to see if your childhood may have a bearing on your health. If you have a score shouldn’t you be addressing your past?

Click on the link below to fill in the questionnaire-


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6 signs that your pain maybe psychosomatic

“If I am feeling pain I must have a physiological injury, right?”    “WRONG”


Nobody wants to hear their doctor say it’s “in their heads” because that goes against everything we are taught about pain and can seem like a bit of a brush off.

Most chronic pain is in fact psychosomatic. It can be induced through thoughts of anger, guilt or shame. These thoughts can be either known or hidden deep in the subconscious mind from past. In either case when the pain becomes the main focus of attention it intensifys.

The reason for the psychosomatic pain comes from ignoring the minds calling for the resolution of negative feelings. We don’t like to feel uncomfortable so we do anything rather than address them. Repressed anger is probably the biggest cause of chronic pain. We are taught that anger is socially unexceptable and something that should be kept to ourselves so we hold it in.

The truth is all of our emotions are positive because they inform us that something needs to be addressed. Depressed people, for example are much more likely to suffer from things like IBS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases.


Below are some indicators that your pain maybe psychosomatic.


1. Your doctor doesn’t understand your pain and says there is no medical reason for it to continue.

2. Your pain moves from one place to another.

3. Your injury never heals and the pain has gotten worse.

4. Your pain gets worse under stress or anxiety.

5. When you go to ‘x’ or when you do ‘y’ your pain goes away or worsens.

6. One day you woke up and it was just there

If your pain is psychosomatic medical treatments will only fail or give temporary relief and the pain will come back or move to another part of the body.


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Five essential tips for raising a healthy child.

All good parents want their children to grow up into confident, happy adults. Below are 5 tips that will help send them on their way.


We all use our past experiences to make decisions. Adults are more likely to make better decisions compared to children because they have more past experiences to draw from.

If a 4 year old child is trying to process something he or she only has 4 years worth of past life experience available to them. It is very likely that they will come to the wrong conclusions when faced with processing uncomfortable events or situations.

It is not the intensity of the experience that makes the event traumatic, it’s the beliefs that come from the experience that are important.


Here are some tips to help you keep your child grounded.


1. Children’s minds are like sponges, they see and hear everything. Many of my clients issues begin in childhood listening to arguments or facing frightening situations and coming to the wrong conclusions.

2. Watch what you say to them because young children take things literally! Children who grow with abuse believe that everything’s their fault, that they are stupid, that they don’t deserve to be happy, that they are not good enough etc etc

3. If your child experiences something uncomfortable talk to them afterwards about their feelings and explain anything that they didn’t understand in a language that they understand. Then they can then process that experience with the correct information.

4. Allow 10 minutes just before bedtime to talk about their day to allow them to talk about anything that may have happened during the day. Assure them that it’s ok to feel their feelings as feelings are there to tell them that something needs to be addressed. Many of my clients have held on to feelings of anger, fear, frustration, guilt or shame that have been suppressed for years from their childhoods.

5. Before they go to sleep tell them that you love them, tell them that they are wonderful, clever, beautiful and that they can do anything they set their minds on.


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Freedom from anxiety

How would you like to be a better version of you, free from anxiety, anger, fear, guilt, shame or whatever negative emotion you are holding on to?

Negative feelings stop you from enjoying your life and reaching your full potential. The majority of these feelings were either generated by bad experiences or placed upon you by adults when you were a child.
If you have unexplainable feelings of low self worth, feel helpless, have an urge to please, a drive for perfection in all that you do , jealous of others or just mad at the world there is something you can do. These beliefs and emotions are held ‘deep’ down in the psyche which is why talking about them hasn’t helped.
There is a way to reach deep down into the psyche and address these beliefs. It’s called hypnosis!
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and ‘everyone’ was born with the ability to be hypnotised. Unfortunately peoples knowledge of hypnosis is usually tarnished by watching stage hypnosis. They worry that they will become mindless zombies powerless to resist the commands of the hypnotist. There is a difference, stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes and Hypnotherapy is for relieving anxiety issues.

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