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‘Free’ hypnotic gastric band weight loss program worth £250…


Follow the links to YouTube below and start losing weight with my hypnotic weight loss program for FREE. Just follow my YouTube account to receive notifications of future hypnotic recordings

The Ultimate Hypnotic Weight Loss program includes an introduction, with instructions and 6 hypnotic recordings incorporating a hypnotic gastric band operation as well as other tried and trusted hypnotic weight loss techniques to address shopping habits and mental blocks.

The UHWLP gives you the best chance of losing weight easily and naturally using the power of your subconscious mind. listen to the instructions and the 6 recordings in order, repeating the last recording for 3 weeks and watch the pounds drop off.

This program really works but only if you follow the instructions and engage in the recordings to get maximum effect from the program. The weight loss program lasts for a month so make sure you can commit to 20 minutes a day listening to the recordings.


Introduction and instructions – https://youtu.be/UvwJBa931tIhttps://youtu.be/UvwJBa931tI

Recording 1 – https://youtu.be/G6eq329pqtU

Recording 2 – https://youtu.be/Ouw-5WcUfPY

Recording 3 – https://youtu.be/V6hQYlr41hw

Recording 4 – https://youtu.be/_ElXHhnzjMI

Recording 5 – https://youtu.be/neEFpszj9O0

Recording 6 – https://youtu.be/VoaTj2S321M

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The world is the same for all of us?

Yes it’s true “the world is the same for all of us”


So why is it that for some a scary place filled with disappointment and anger and for others a wonderful place filled with opportunity?


Everything that we experience is filtered and assessed by our mind using our past experiences. So our perceptions of the world are only ‘our individual perceptions of the world’ and do not necessarily represent the truth.


Lets compare a young person who grows up in an abusive atmosphere where fear and insecurity are the norm with one who grows up within a loving and safe environment. Both of their experiences will influence how they perceive the world as they grow older and they will vastly differ. One maybe fearful or angry and the the other confident and happy.


Our beliefs about ourselves and about life are formed in childhood by our early experiences. Every decision that you make today involves accessing files in the mind that contain childhood experiences and the beliefs gained from those experiences.


Unfortunately our past experiences and beliefs are held within the unconscious part of the mind and are very difficult to address with rational. This is why talking therapies can be so long winded and have very little effect. Fortunately a trained hypnotherapist can help a person in hypnosis find these corrupted files in the unconscious so that they can be addressed. Once these files have been found and processed a person can start to move on with their lives and start leading the life they deserve to live.


So if you suffer from self esteem issues, anger, confusion, procrastination, fear and unable to get on with life these beliefs were almost certainly learned as a child.


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Why is the NHS failing?

The failing of the NHS is often blamed on under funding, too much spending on middle management and an increase in patients due to longer life expectancy. Well the last one may become less of a problem because this generation is predicted to be the first in human history that’s life expectancy will be less than the previous one. These are contributing factors but there are others that are being ignored.


What if I were to tell you that stressful lifestyles, inner insecurities, unhealthy eating and thinking are responsible for overburdening the NHS?


If you follow my blogs you will know that I seek the cause of my clients problems rather than focusing on syptomology to create long term resolution. So I suggest that we start looking at our own physical and mental health which will keep us away from illness because ‘the bodies natural setting is towards health’


Our bodies know how to heal naturally! If we supply it with good food, exercise and remove stress it can function perfectly. I’m no health expert and I think pretty much everyone knows what they should eat and that exercise is important. If we lead a seditory life style and live on junk food what do we think will happen to our health?


What I do know as a therapist is that stress plays a big part in creating illness. Not short term stress, long term stress that places the body in high alert mode where harmful hormones are released and the immune system is weakened.


This stress comes from our perceptions of the world and our beliefs. If we feel that we are backed into a corner or whatever we do isn’t good enough or the world is a scary place we are placing stress upon ourselves that effects our health.


When my clients leave me they usually say one of two things. “I can’t believe that incident has caused me all that suffering” or “why don’t more people know about this stuff”


I’ve written many blogs on mind/body illness, anxiety, childhood trauma and chronic pain which is available on my website so I won’t repeat what I’ve said before. We tend to ignor addressing our minds because it’s uncomfortable looking back and no one wants to feel bad so we look for the answers in tablet form. Unfortunately healing can only be found by addressing the trauma’s and negative beliefs formed in the past.


So you can help unburdened the NHS by taking responsibility for your physical health, addressing the causes of stress in your current life and getting help to clear past traumas and the negative beliefs that are holding you back. The last parts are where I come in.


I would like you to ponder this question.  ‘If your mind caused your illness or your chronic pain by negative thinking why would it be inconceivable that it could help you back to health?’


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5 reasons therapy may fail!

All therapists want their clients to heal, it’s why they go at into practice in the first place. There is no better feeling when an ex client tells you that you’ve helped them to transform their lives. It’s wonderful for your ego and obviously good for your reputation as your clients are your best buisiness cards. For every client you fix they will get you at least one or two more through referrals. But what if you only have partial success or you can’t fix them?


I love fixing people because my successes tell me I’m on the right track but what about when things don’t go as expected? I’ve learned to appreciate those difficult times because they keep me in check and actually force me to become better by reassessing if what I’m doing can be improved.


So what can you do to make your therapy successful? I have compiled some reasons why sometimes therapy doesn’t work and the mind set that’s needed to heal.


1. You must feel comfortable with your therapist. For success you must trust and feel comfortable with your therapist so if you don’t like them or trust them find another one you do. Ring them first for a chat to see if you like the sound of their voice and ask questions to see if what they say makes sense.


2. You must take responsibility for your healing by looking at how the things you are doing in your current life are keeping you stuck and change them. Only you can make yourself better, no one can do it for you.


3. Don’t be afraid to your feelings! If you and your therapist are avoiding uncomfortable feelings therapy will have no long lasting success. A good therapist will be prepared to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty so that you can get resolution.


4. Beware being sucked in by the single session fix all Practitioners who promis the world and deliver only temporary magic tricks.


5. Beware the practitioner who keeps you stuck for months or years of expensive therapy. Therapy should have an end and empower you so that you can get on will your life.


Remember your journey to healing can be bumpy at times with twists and turns, ups and downs but it’s worth it for the reward at the end!


If you are interested in healing please have a look through my website and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me by using the boxes below.


The secret to becoming happy!

How much time do you waste thinking about what other people are doing and saying?


We are told by newspapers and social media who to like and who to hate, who to vote for, who to fear, how we should be living our lives and what we must have to be happy. We end up absorbing other people’s fear and hatred, taking ownership of it so that it becomes ours. We become judge and executioner by ganging up on celebrities who we know nothing about, revelling in their unhappiness, their problems making our own seem smaller, distracting us from addressing our own issues.


How much time do you waste predicting what other people are thinking about you?


Most of the time these people are not people who you choose to be friends, trust or even like. They don’t even think about you as much as you think because they are getting on with their own lives. So why waste so much time on them?


Only by concentrating on what we are doing can we be happy. Accepting that we are separate to others and have our own lives to lead. Leaving others to live their lives and make their own mistakes without judgement. Accepting that we are all imperfect!


I guarantee that if you stop judging other people, stop trying to predict what other people are thinking, let people be who ever they are and focus on your own life happiness will follow.




‘Only you can make yourself feel bad’. Stop absorbing other people negativity!

’Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’. stop judging!

’Ask advice only from the people that you love and respect’. Because they Know you better and will tell you the truth!


If you have any questions on the above or how to leave the past behind please fill in the boxes below.




Why We should ban the word ‘remission’

When we get over a cold it’s gone! When we get over the flu it’s gone!, if we were to get over meningitis we would be cured! etc, etc so why is it that when we get through cancer we are told that we are in only in remission?


You may say that cancer is different to other diseases but one thing all they all have in common is they have a starting point. Some diseases are viral, some involve contact with germs but what about cancer?


Most people believe cancer genetic and if you have a certain gene it’s inevitable that you will get it. Cancer does involve genes but having a potentially cancerous gene in your DNA doesn’t mean that you will get cancer. Genes are expressed when signals from the environment cause them to be expressed. These signals come from the food we ingest, the air we breath, the chemicals that we come in contact with on our skin but most importantly are our thoughts! Our perceptions of the outside world create beliefs and these beliefs affect our feelings. Feelings are changed into electro/chemical signals that tell our cells what to do and which gene to express.


The word regression creates fear which is translated into ‘my cancer is going to come back’ by our feelings which tell our cells what genes to express. Our cells don’t think, they just do as they are instructed!


So anyone out there who has recovered from cancer you are cured! Eat healthily, forgive people from the past who have wronged you, forgive yourself, start living your life, don’t be judgmental and look for the good in people and the world around you. If anyone around you especially doctors uses the word ‘remission’ tell them to “wash their mouths out with soapy water”


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How to cope with bullying.


Most of if us have experienced the negative effects of bullying at some time in our lives hence why it’s always such an emotive subject. Many feel their blood run cold and old memories resurfacing at the mere mention of the word. Some feel scared but most feel angry at the pain it has caused and continues to cause.


Bullying can be physical or mental. Sometimes family members are responsible, sometimes it occurs at School or at work (yes bullies grow up and continue Bullying).  It can include violence, taunting, exclusion, threatening and belittling.


Bullying scars it’s victims and the horrible feelings of helplessness are constantly triggered. The effects can cause low self esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, self harming behaviours, anorexia, ill health and even suicide. It can hold it’s victims back and prevent them from living a full life.


So why do people become bullies?


Many bullies are actually victims of bullying themselves. For some it makes them feel powerful and for others it’s a way of deflecting their own insecurities onto others. They all share one thing in common, they all are deeply insecure!


So how do we combat bullying.


1. If you are experiencing bullying now facing it alone can be an uphill struggle so talk to someone. If you are a child a close member your family or an adult you trust. For an adult, a friend or someone at work. You are not alone! If it’s physical maybe the police or an outside organisation that can advise you on what to do.


2. Don’t take it personally! A bully tries to deflect their anger, fear, disappointment or shame onto another rather than face up to it themselves. It may feel personal but it’s not about you, it’s about them.


3. If you were bullied in the past but still feel the effects today visit a good hypnotherapist to help you to process the feelings from the past. Those days are behind you and you live in the hear and now. It is unnecessary to hold onto old feelings that only serve to make you feel bad and it’s actually relatively easy to do.


If you have any questions about how to move on from bullying, Hypnotherapy or hypnosis please fill in the boxes below. There is also a page on this website devoted to the subject of bullying.





Are your beliefs keeping you tethered down?

The picture above demonstrates the true power of belief. Have you ever wondered how a tiny piece of rope and a wooden stake prevent a 5 ton elephant from running away?


Baby elephants are tethered to the ground by a stake attached to their leg and quickly learn that escape is impossible. Once this becomes habituated the elephant will believe that escape is futile for the rest of its life. In many cases the stake is not needed, the rope attached to its leg suffices.


Now put yourself in the elephants position and think about how many false beliefs you are ‘tethered’ on to. These beliefs feel so familiar because you have repeated them for many years. They have literally become part of you.


How many of you belief that you are not good enough, or you don’t deserve to be happy, that you can never be free of your anguish or live in fear, with inner guilt, shame or anger? These are the beliefs that stop you from really living life but in truth they are only the perceptions of a child.


Yes your core beliefs were formed when you were little, learning about life and love from your parents, teachers and peers, making up the rest with your limited experiences of life.


‘You are still using your core beliefs that were formed in childhood  to make important decisions about life and how to live it’


Think about this, ‘Would you ask a 5 year olds advice when making big decisions in your life today?’ Of course not! You don’t need to because you have ‘your own’ inner 5 year old to do it for you!


The good news is that you can get help untethering yourself from these beliefs. Visit someone who can help you process the trauma’s of the past and re- evaluate your beliefs. If this blog has struck a chord with you have a look through my website and if you have any questions on adverse childhood experiences or hypnotherapy please fill in the question boxes. They can be found on the bottom of every page on my site.





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The problem with support groups!

The concept of support groups is fantastic. Sufferers can meet up, talk to others people in similar situations, be lent a sympathetic ear and be offered advise. Unfortunately they can also be places where painful stories are shared and negative beliefs gained.

For example a person just diagnosed with chronic pain in their shoulders goes to visit a support group. They buddy up with a veteran suffer who after listening to them tells them their problem started in the same place but swiftly spread down to their elbows and wrists. The newby’s mind searching for answers and open to suggestion absorbs the story unconsciously. On the next visit the two get together again and surprise, surprise the newby’s pain has spread to their elbows and wrists.

How many of you have a condition, looked it up on the internet and shortly afterwards developed some of the syptoms listed on the page?

How many of you have visited a health professional and been told ‘in my experience your condition will only get worse’ to find that shortly afterwards it does get worse?

Unfortunately when we are suffering our unconscious minds are very susceptible to suggestion as we search for answers. If you place a negative idea or suggestion in your unconscious mind it will be taken as true.

When we find ourselves with anxiety, chronic pain or illness we often seek help through support groups. These groups are set up with the greatest intentions by wellmeaning people but can unwittingly be responsible for keeping people stuck with their symptoms or help them to discover new ones by ‘sharing beliefs’

So what’s the solution?

Im not damning support groups but here are a few of my suggestions for improving them;

1. Firstly changing the name of the group. Instead of ‘anxiety support group’ how about ‘freedom from anxiety support group’

2. Change the focus of the group by offering help and positive talk of recovery.

3. Ban any talk of symptoms within the group.

4. Bring in motivational speakers and read motivating stories of healing.

Remember, there are true stories of spontaneous recoveries from every illness and pain out there. The people who recover are the ones who refuse to except their fate and focus on healing. Why shouldn’t the next story of a recovery be yours?

Beware of your thoughts because you are what you think!


If you have any questions, please fill in the boxes below.




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Fibromyalgia, you need a different approach!

Why am I not recovering from fibromyalgia?

Because you are not looking  in the right direction!

Sufferers with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia have reduced blood flow at the sites of their pain. The lack of blood flow means that there is a lack oxygen and the depravation of oxygen causes pain. This condition is called tension myoneural syndrome (TMS). This lack of oxygen is very common in back and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis.

Current treatments for fibromyalgia focus on addressing the symptom and are not very satisfactory. Stimulation using physiotherapy, heat treatments and massage often create relief because they increase the blood flow to the affected areas. The problem is the results are temporary as the blood flow soon returns back to where it was before. Chemical interventions can help with pain relief but the doses have to be increased over time and the side effects for long term use are undesirable.

The oxygen starvation (TMS) is created by the unconscious mind to repress an unknown inner anger that is deemed to harmful to be felt emotionally. This may sound far fetched but the majority of fibromyalgia and chronic pain sufferers have been traumatised in the past or hold beliefs associated with people pleasing. The pain that they experience protects them from feeling their emotions because if these negative emotions ever surfaced the sufferer may become overwhelmed. So the mind diverts away from these feelings by creating the pain. An indication that the mind is responsible for creating the pain is that ‘there is no physical reason for the suffer to be in pain‘ There is simply no damage at the site of the pain! Also have you noticed the pain rises when you are in stressful situations?

If you have suffered from childhood trauma,  physical or mental abuse, are a people pleaser, a perfectionist or workerholic and suffer from fibromyalgia the solution to your recovery is in your unconscious mind not a bottle of pills. These unconscious negative feelings of anger can be addressed using hypnosis so that you can start moving forward.

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Why isn’t my back pain getting better?

Chronic back pain

I guess if you are reading this you have back pain? Most suffers of back pain or shoulder pain have been to the doctors, visited chiropractors, physiotherapists etc but still have it. For many the pain has probably even worsened over the years. Some of you have been told by medical experts that you will never be the same again and will have to adjust your life to cope with it. Did you accept that and resign yourself to living with chronic pain?

Back surgery

Some of you will have resorted to drastic and obtrusive surgery only to find your pain worse, temporarily fixed or it popping up somewhere else in the body. So why?

The mystery of back pain

What if the reason the physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments didn’t work was because the diagnosis and treatments were incomplete? Would it interest you to know that if you X-rayed a group of 40 to 50 year olds 50% of them would show signs of degeneration in their backs but most of them don’t have chronic back ache. If you x-rayed a group of people at 60 years old 100% of them would show degeration in their backs but again most of them are not crippled with chronic pain.

Im no doctor or back expert and would never claim to be. I would never tell anyone to go against their doctors advise but how can a simple act of gardening, slipping over, bending down to pick something up, swinging a golf club cause life long chronic pain? You have been doing these things for your whole life without pain, so why now?

If I said your pain could be created psychosomatically you might think I was mad but think about this. We think in our heads and feel in our bodies. When we lose someone our heart breaks, when we are anxious our stomachs churn, when are angry our bile rises, when we feel oppressed our chest tightens.

Another way of tackling back pain

If you have suffered in the past, especially when you were younger you could be unconsciously suppressing feelings that are causing anxiety or physical pain. To the mind pain and anxiety are both ways of expressing suppressed fear, rage, guilt and shame. If it’s pain it’s usually felt in the bodies weaker or damaged areas.

What next?

If any lightbulbs have gone off look through the website and have a look on YouTube  for TMS, NPD and mind/body disorders. If you have any questions please fill in the boxes below.