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Anxiety and trauma related problems

Here are just some of the issues that I help my clients resolve using hypnotherapy. There are many, many more of course but whatever the problem is, it has a negative impact on their lives. Because anxiety related problems are stored and maintained by the emotional subconscious mind, talking about them using the logical conscious mind has little or no effect. Hypnotherapy is so effective with anxiety disorders because it can make changes deep within the subconscious mind.

Most problems start with an emotionally charged event. If the event (or a similar event) is repeated or thought about a lot it invariably worsens. Constant repetition causes a habit to form which starts to negatively impact that persons life. The stress that is caused can leads to avoidance and anxiety which can turn into panic attacks. Sometimes the panic attacks are so frightening the person may believe feel they are having a heart attack.

Once the cause of the anxiety issue has been found and re-processed they can begin to move towards a Life without anxiety and panic attacks.

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Anxiety disorders

Childhood Trauma

Eating disorders

Phobia’s and fears

Panic attacks

Teenage anxiety


Chronic illness





Sleeping problems

Weight loss

Mens health

Speaking difficulties

Sports performance

If you can’t see your issue here fill in the query box below and I will get back to you ASAP. Hypnotherapy can help with pretty much any mental issue quickly and effectively.

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Help for generalised anxiety disorders

help for anxiety is most common problem i’m asked to help resolve at my Norwich Hypnotherapy practice.  It could be my clients feel stressed at work, at home or maybe only in particular situations. It could be that they have an unresolved traumatic experience from their past or they have an over riding feeling of negativity that wont go away. Many GP’s are now recommending Hypnotherapy for generalised anxiety disorders due to its effectiveness in reaching the ‘mind within’

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Panic Attacks

Relief of panic attacks

Panic attacks can seem to appear out of the blue or they can be the end product of heightened anxiety. Panic attacks can be anchored to places, certain situations or people. They can even be bought on by feeling certain body sensations like an accelerated heart beat for example. They can develope into panic disorders if unchecked. Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapy for the cessation of these attacks.

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Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma Resolution

The early years are where our programming as human beings begins. These experiences lay the foundations of who we are and how we perceive the world. We accumulate 60% of our life’s total knowledge in the first 5 years from birth so our early experiences are very influential on our growth.

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Teenage Anxiety

Help for children with anxiety

Getting help for teenage anxiety can be a nightmare for any parent. Trying to cope with a teenager suffering with an anxiety disorder is a frightening ordeal. That terrible feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming and therapy can be difficult to get and extremely slow through the NHS. Using Hypnotherapy for teenagers with anxiety issues is a fast and effective way to recover.

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Chronic illness

Coping with chronic illness


Illnesses have been widely thought of as a purely physiological and the modern treatments for curing them are medication and surgery. Unfortunately an area ‘essential’ for fighting and recovering from illness comes very low down the list. That area is the mind! Many people are now using hypnotherapy to aid in the recovery of auto immune diseases including chronic fatigue, ME, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and cancer.

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Eating disorders

Tackling eating disorders

Eating disorders vary from over eating to under eating. They include binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, purging, night eating and restricting or avoiding diets. The cause of most eating disorders is usually buried deep within the subconscious mind, which is why hypnotherapy is so successful At resolving them.

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PTSD and trauma recovery

The benefit of using hypnotherapy to resolve PTSD is that it doesn’t involve unnecessary or prolonged discomfort . Hypnotherapy addresses the emotions connected with the Trauma and detaches them from the memory. Once the emotion has been removed the traumatic event can be thought of without the emotional discomfort.

Chronic Pain

Healing chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as ‘a pain with no biological value’. Pain is classed as chronic if it persists longer than 12 weeks after physical healing should have taken place. But what do you do when the doctors tell you there’s nothing physically wrong with you? What do you do when the drugs aren’t helping and expensive physiotherapy and chiropractors give you only temporary relief?

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is basically a habit that turns into a compulsion. It is not a conscious problem and one that will just go away just because we are aware of it. Sufferers of obsessive compulsive disorder are compelled to repeat a task excessively until they finally feel comfortable. There is always an underlying reason for the behaviour and it can be found and successfully changed using analytical hypnotherapy.

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Fear and phobia removal

Hypnotherapy is probably best known for its success in the removal of fears and phobias. A phobia is an overwhelming fear of something that even the mere thought of affects the sufferer. Some phobic’s can not even say the name of their phobia without breaking out in a sweat. Phobias do not just go away, usually they become stronger with time.

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Bullying at school, home or work

Bullying can be a major underlying cause of anxiety for many people at school, home or at the work place. It is one of the most common issues that I help my clients resolve under hypnosis. If you were bullied in the past and if every time you think of it now you break out in a sweat why not use hypnotherapy to sort it out. Most cases of bullying start at school but bullies can be close relatives or even work colleagues.

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Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

You may have thought that there is no help for the relief of IBS beyond medication and diet. The best kept secret in the long-term relief of the symptoms of IBS is Gut Directed or gut Specific Hypnotherapy.

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Secret of a good nights sleep

Hypnotherapy has long been used to aid sleep by tackling stress and calming busy minds. In my Hypnotherapy practice I have found nearly all sleep problems are a due to worry or an over active mind. Some people have difficulty getting to sleep at night , others getting back to sleep seems to be an issue. If these problems continue they can become habitualised and develops into insomnia.

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Weight loss

Weight loss Hypnotherapy

Many people reading this will have tried lots of different diets before giving up and seeking the help of a hypnotherapist. As a gift to you I’m giving away a ‘FREE’ on line hypnotherapy weight loss program including a hypnotic gastric band operation…

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Men’s health

Men’s health & wellbeing

Harboring negative feelings like anger, guilt, shame and fear can lead to low self worth, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and even suicide. Men are far less likely to seek help than women due to embarrassment or fear of judgement. Well its time to stop bottling it up and resolve these feelings by using hypnosis to harness the power of your mind.

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Speech Difficulties

Stuttering and stammering

Speech problems including stuttering, stammering and Tourette’s are problems that begin in childhood. All of us regularly get stuck with our words but we tend not to notice it where as a person with a speech problem does. Analytical hypnotherapy can be used to locate the cause of the problem and remove the habit.



Out perform your rivals

In competitive sports the thing that separates the best players from the rest of the field is not their ability its their mental strength. The most successful players in their fields are confident, consistent and able to cope under immense pressure. Their secret is the ability to predict success and many are using the power of hypnosis to achieve this.


Reduce stress and anxiety


Can you imagine being able to fall into a deep state of relaxation at the drop of a hat or fall to sleep in a matter of minutes? Learning how to relax, no ‘really relax’ is something that everyone can benefit from. Relaxation reduces tension, stress, anxiety and promotes the release of endorphins that promote health and healing.