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Help for anxiety

The most common problem that people come and see me for at my Norwich Hypnotherapy Services practice is help for anxiety.  It could be they feel stressed at work, at home or maybe only in certain situations. It could be that they have had a traumatic experience in their past or they have an over riding feeling of negativity that wont go away. Many GP’s are now recommending Hypnotherapy for anxiety Disorders due to its effectiveness.

Anxiety Norwich

People may be confused and have no idea where unpleasant, anxious feelings come from. If left, these feelings can  cause severe distress in the form of panic attacks, depression, OCD, agoraphobia and even suicidal thoughts. Axiety can also affect sufferers physilogically in the form of conditions like IBS, Psoriasis, Cancer, high blood pressure, Heart disease, Auto imune diseases like fibromialgia and varied chronic pain. So if you want to get rid of anxiety read on.

So what is anxiety?

In a nutshell anxiety is the subconscious minds response to a real or perceived threat.

If your mind senses a threat it activates the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ responce to danger releasing adrenaline into the bloodstream. This increases the heartbeat, pumping blood to the major muscle groups ready for action. Your breathing becomes faster oxygenating your blood and your awareness becomes heightened. Your slower, conscious mind takes a back seat as your faster, life preserving, subconscious mind takes over. You become a coiled spring, alert and ready for action!

Now if you take some physical form of action, all the energy that has been stored up will be dissipated quickly. But if you do nothing it will stay around for longer making you feel tired. Prolonged anxiety can lead to panic attacks where a person losses complete control of their thoughts. Anyone who has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks will recognize these bodily responses and the dreaded feeling of tension and exhaustion that precedes it.

To most sufferers, anxiety and panic attacks make no sense. They seem to occure when there appears to be no obvious threat. Sufferers try to distract themselves from anxious feelings but when their distraction finishes the awful feelings come back. Some of these distractions can  in the form of alchohol, drugs, over eating, over working and over excercising. Eventually the anxiety sufferer starts to worry about worrying and it gets worse. This worry can lead to sleeping problems, illness, mood swings, low sex drive and even depression.

So how does hypnotherapy help with anxiety?

Anxiety and panic attacks are instictual, subconscious responses to danger and beyond conscious control. During bouts of anxiety and panic attacks the conscious mind shuts down and the emotive, subconscious mind takes over. Thats why it is so difficult to talk someone out of sever anxiety or a panic attack.Logic flys out of the window!

The subconscious mind can be communicated with by a hypnotist or a hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist utilises naturally occuring trance states to change faulty programs or beliefs that cause anxiety and panic attacks.

If you have any questions about anxiety and how hypnotherapy can help fill in the query box below or call me on 07899886882.